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Our Procedure


The spindle is very carefully inspected, analyzing each critical component of internal parts. Critical fits are gauged to spec.,

Critical inspection is crucial to determine the cause of failure, which includes lack of lubrication, decreased coolant, increased contamination, and increased vibration. This is forwarded to the customer. We suggest improvements to ensure spindle life. The technician may suggest the use of ceramic bearings instead of steel, different contact angle, or other modifications for different applications for spindle longevity.


Worn parts such as bearing seats, housing bores, tapers, can be hard chromed and reground back to spec. Bearing I.D. & O.D. spacers, preload cartridges, back-up washers forming shoulders, locking nut faces etc., can be ground square and parallel. We can machine, or re-manufacture worn parts if necessary.



Is done in our clean-room (climate-controlled and isolated) only by our qualified technician. Top tier industry leading bearings and components.


Entire spindle assembly is then dynamically to a low tolerance.


After assembly, the spindle is run-in gradually to service speed. The spindle is tested for noise, heat, vibration. Necessary adjustments are made if required. A final run-out is taken. Once the testing period is complete, the spindle is ready for production upon delivery to the customer.


90 Days Parts & Labour

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